A new way to showcase your professional status

We're delighted to introduce digital badges and certificates as a way for you to highlight your ICA membership and achievements. 

ICA Associate Membership Badge
ICA Professional Membership Badge
ICA Fellow Membership Badge

Your badge will:

  • Reveal your passion for continuous learning
  • Amplify your personal brand on social media
  • Boost your visibility as a specialist within your field of expertise

These credentials can be displayed on your online professional profiles, email signatures and social media. 

10,300 members have already claimed theirs. Look out for your new credentials in your inbox.

It will come from noreply@diplomasafe.com

Your ICA credentials are verifiable

One of the great challenges today, is that people share false credentials online. When you share your ICA badge and certificate on social media, other people can view it and verify that it is genuine.

To download your credentials, including your badge and certificate, you will need to:


Press the claim button on the email and you will be redirected to the Diplomasafe system. Set up a password or log in using your Google or Facebook account.


Use the 'share' button and select the social media platform where you would like to share your badge.


Don't forget to also add the credentials to your LinkedIn profile; you can do this by clicking 'Add to profile' button.

Haven't received your ICA credentials?

You should have received an email from ICA (International Compliance Association noreply@diplomasafe.com) asking you to claim your digital certificate and badge. If you haven't, follow these simple steps:

Do you need more help?

There is a Help option located at the top right-hand corner of the Diplomasafe page. You can raise any queries via this facility.