The International Compliance Association partners with Globaltraining, Cyprus for International Diploma offering

19 October 2018

International Compliance Association is committed to increasing the knowledge and skills of compliance professionals across the globe. We strive to continue to work across a variety of sectors in new jurisdictions. The key, as we see it, is to demonstrate the tangible benefits of investing in education as part of an integrated approach to combating the increasing range of risks compliance professionals face. We provide qualifications that increase knowledge, and offer guidance and information as well as key practical skills as part of an ongoing strategy to continually improve business performance. To do this, we seek global partnerships with regulators, firms and local compliance associations.

As part of this continued development and commitment to the professionalisation of compliance, the ICA has partnered with Globaltraining in Cyprus, offering the ICA International Diploma suite to ensure that best practice and excellence is at the forefront of the compliance profession within the region.

Globaltraining will provide the ICA International Diplomas in Anti Money Laundering and Governance, Risk and Compliance to complement the need for advanced learning within the area. Prospective students can benefit from underpinning their existing knowledge with a professional qualification and the associated benefits that come from seeking out professional education.

The ICA, along with its training partner International Compliance Training and now Globaltraining, are committed to providing exceptional learning experiences across the world through its highly practical yet academically rigorous qualifications, awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester.

Globaltraining is committed to its core mission; to be the leading provider of professional education and training in all markets in which it operates as well as one of the leading global providers in professional education in Cyprus and beyond.

Bill Howarth, ICA President, states ‘I am thrilled to be working alongside Globaltraining in bringing ICA qualifications to Cyprus. Our ongoing mission, now and in the future, is to set standards within professional education and compliance professionalisation – and the shared ethos between our two organisations means that we can strive for this on a global scale. The common goals of the ICA, our training partners International Compliance Training and Globaltraining means that students in Cyprus benefit.’


Further qualifications are expected to be available in 2019.

The partnership with Globaltraining is part of ongoing expansion plans for the 2018/2019 year. ICA has partnered with various organisations in several jurisdictions including Mauritius, Cambodia and with the EBRD.



About the ICA
ICA is a global professional membership and awarding body. The ICA  is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in anti-money laundering, legal and regulatory compliance, financial crime prevention and the management of regulatory risk through certificated qualifications and knowledge transfer. Working within a variety of sectors, ICA helps individuals, firms, regulatory and government institutions, across a range of geographical jurisdictions and industry sectors to develop best practice in the management of risk.