Equal opportunity and disability statement

ICA welcomes applications from students with additional support needs as a result of a disability, medical condition or specific language difficulty e.g. dyslexia.

All applications will be considered under the same criteria as other applications. You are encouraged to contact the course administrator at ICA to discuss any requirements you may have relating to your study or other needs as soon as possible.

This is so that we can take all reasonable steps to ensure your needs are met and that the relevant staff are informed of support requirements at the earliest opportunity.

ICA will take all reasonable steps to ensure that applicants who meet the academic criteria will not be excluded from the course that interests them for reasons relating to their disability. However, there may be rare occasions that we would be unable to meet an individual’s needs, but this would be discussed in detail and every avenue investigated before a decision was made.


ICA recognises that it has a duty of care in creating a safe environment for its staff and all its learners. The Association acknowledges it has obligations to staff and its learners in creating a safe environment for individuals’ employment or studies and has designed a system to support this duty of care. ICA’s commitment is to ensure that staff and learners are safeguarded and protected from harm.

Reports about welfare or safeguarding issues from staff or learners, will be treated with due care and consideration, in accordance with ICA’s Safeguarding Policy.

Help and support

Alternatively contact us on: +44(0)121 362 7534 / icainfo@int-comp.org (Course information)

or +44(0)121 362 7533 / learningsupport@int-comp.org (Enrolled learners)

or +44(0)121 362 7747 / membership@int-comp.org (Membership)

or +44 (0) 121 362 7503 / epa@int-comp.org (End Point Assessment)