Financial Crime and Fraud Prevention Courses

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Financial crime and its prevention are key issues for industry and regulatory authorities alike. As one threat is countered, another emerges. A strategic approach to the management of fraud, one that involves training is essential to success. Understanding the threats, where they come from and what can be done to minimise their impact is fundamental to the management of risk and these ICA courses can make a positive contribution.

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Introductory level

ICA Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention

This 6 month course provides an excellent introduction to financial crime/fraud prevention for all staff within an organisation. The course provides knowledge of the regulatory framework as well as prevention and detection of specific financial crime risks.This is an excellent programme to be run in-house and can be tailored to your organisation' specific needs.

Advanced level

ICA Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention

ICA International Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention

These graduate level Diplomas are designed for those already working in a fraud/financial crime prevention role who wish to expand their knowledge and skills further. By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of the risks that threaten businesses and the legal dimension that surrounds them. Investigating, tracing assets and prosecutions are also covered as well as guidance on building a framework for prevention.

Expert level

ICA Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance

A qualification designed for industry leaders and senior practitioners in the UK.

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